being a teacher in todays generation it is a big thing now because now there is tremendous demand of teacher in higher institutes for teaching but if they want not just to be a teacher they can start teaching on Youtube its a great platform for the ones who wants to make the youth Knowledgable  the youth will be getting taught from Youtube and creator of the channel will be famous on the youtube and they will get paid in millions will be welcomed in fanfest by youtube so teaching is now a career which gives everything fame respect money and a bright future its all because of a platform on youtube .




in todays life everyone wants to learn how to sing and if you will help them just by coming on youtube and letting the audience know how to sing with piano and with guitar there is so much scope in that u can make a career on youtube and by making songs video you will get famous all over the world just because you will come on youtube  todays life is very fast but we will never  stop learning and for that everyone seraches on youtube its a platform of millions of people whos dream is reality now so if you are passionate about your singing career so you should come on youtube you will get yours dream in reality so bekeive in yourself and believe in youtube .



in todays life everyone wants to get rich and the thing which is very thoughtful is that they want to invest but they will invest in mutual funds which will not make them rich because its a slow process they should invest in stock market because it will make them millionare and if are scared of loosing all their money means they are begineer thety should invest for longer time so that they will be rich without ant risk because weknow short terms may cause damage so make a video about the stocks for beginners as wellas for everyone who is intersted in stocks market and is ready to invest .



In todays life everyone is broken from inside and making laugh to the broken hearted people it is a divine work , because making someone cry is very easy but being someone smile is very divine and that is also away we can make our career my making people smile what we have to do is make a video which is very funny on youtube and if people will laugh they will make subscribe to your channel and share it with their friends what you did is you made them laugh and what you gained is respect peace fame money and a lots of things just by making funny videos .



while you make daily blog you must have a correct content of daily blog like a suitable content so that your audience likes it then only you can make money through it and get appreciation and your video will be part of your audience they will watch your daily blog everyday and thats how you will be famous and gets respect and so much more .

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