what is website hosting and what it matters to your website

1 . website hosting is important because it stores bunch of files which your website keeps in for the people who search information related to your content and its very important because if your content has a lot of search then there is so many problems may occur because if you do not  have a nice hosting which can work in lots of traffic your website get crashed and your all data also might get crashed and all you will left is crash as your website .

2 what is website builder ?

you have heard about the website builder like square space , wix , wordpress these are the platforms for those people who writes about something unique and wants to share with the world and for editing of small articles its very useful and its basically used by bloggers and content writers .for making the article more relatable and kind of unique essence to the article .

3 the second type of website hosting is shared hosting?

in this case you share a different sites for your websites to handle your website if it gets tons of traffic from the search it is useful because there is a chance if your website gets slow because of tons of traffic from the website search so in that case the second sites makes it easier to handles the traffic on the website if it gets crashed then the websites documents will not get lost it will be stored in the shared hosting site which why most of the content creator use shared hosting only in the sense of not having lost of the documents of their website which is very important and so shared hosting is very crucial .

4 virtual private server

this is used  to locate the sites of the same information to the several sites which has some different information but the majority of information is about your content its like having a drawer which has three drawers in which there is shirt in every drawers so its like sharing content in the different sites which will spread the content to different searches but the same content which will give the lots of searches and will be making the people aware about the content so its very useful to use virtual server for making the website more viral .

4 A dedicated server

first as you know how much important a server means to a website if you don’t know let me tell you just by a sentence its the heart of the website  if you have a website which is a very searched website then you might face the several problems like your website might gets crashed it gets slow your documents might gets lost so you will have to buy a server which can handle all the problems which your account is facing its important because your files your website content is very useful and that is why it gets lots of traffic from the search so you will give a separate server for your website it is only useful in handling loads of search on your website and so your website is safe .

and its useful if someone tries to hack and copy your content it will come action in a few second and it will not allow the hacker to  hack the documents and information of your website and safes the website from and cyber attack on your website it will change the ip address immediately on the website and its only used or gets activated on your website if its has a cyber attack so the developer of the websites has no risk at  all of its websites gets hacked so its very useful but it can cost you a lot of money because its very expensive its of many types it comes in different types and of different cost so if you want a total safety of your website so u will have to invest lots of money for a separate server

5 Choosing correct web hosting is very important

if you choose a cheap web hosting tis might seems good for your wallet but it is not useful if you want your business for long terms then you have to choose a expensive web hosting because if you will choose a cheap web hosting your website will gets slow and it will lag while opening and might the traffic on your website gets very few because your website will not give them what they are searching for so its very important to have a well organised server

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