Transportation systems

Transportation systems.
The Term Transportation Is derive from word Transport .
Which Means To Transfer Somethings From Somewhere To Somewhere.
SomeThings means All The Living and Non Living Things .. Humans And Animals Also Included ..

In Early Days ,
The Peope Of that Era Don’t know Or not Having a knowledge Of Science and its application .
So That Time They Used to suffered A lot To transfer Something to Here and There .
They Had only Knowledge about Foot . And it Is the only Method To Transport.
The Days Passed and One Day One of The early Man Discoverd or Invented A wheel .
And That Is the second Most Greatest Inventions Of That Time ..
fire or sparks Remains The First..
The Wheel had Changed Their Life Soo Much . And With The Help Of wheel and With A little effort They Transport Themselves or The Goods To Other places From somewhere.

But Now A days We Are far away Than Themselves .
In This Modern World We Have Introduced three transportation System.
By Which We Can Easily Transport.
All The transport System That we have This time are Far Better Than the Transport System Of Early Days ..
And also This Time the Facilities That We Get is can’t compare To Early Days Transport System.

Now Every Where we all Have The Three Transportation System And it Works Smoothly.
The Three are..
1-Land Transport System
2-Water Transport System
3- Air Transport System

All The Above Mentioned Transportation system are Safe . And Easily Available. And We can Easily Enjoy The Facilities and Their Services That All The Three Transportation System Provides.

The Land Transportation System ..!
It Is Defined as The All The Transportation Servies Which Works or Operate On Land.
The Main Source Of This System is The Roadways ..
By Road The transportation easily Perform.
Road Transportation system Also Include
The Railways, Metroes, MonoRails , Expressways, Highways and Etc.

The Water Transport System..!
Water Transport System is not a New Transportation System.. perhaps In Early Days people Use to Transport Or Travel once Place To other by This System ..
Well, By This Knowledge We Proved That Water transportation system is The second Transportation System Introduced by humans.
In Early days and Even Now Also This transportation system is Widely Used For Export or import Good From One nation to Another and Sometimes By This System People Also Travel..
There are Many Advantages of This system .
Like. In This System of Transport We Can easily Send a Lots of Goods From One Nation to another safely. And basically This is the only Method By which We can Send a huge quantity of Good at Once..
The Main Disadvantage of This system is .
It takes a Lot of time To During Its Travelling In Water Bodies. Just Because Of Slow Speed . As Compare To other Ways Of transportation.

The Air Transport..!
It is The modern , Fast . And Expensive mode of transportation system as compare to Other Transportation Systems.
This transportation system Take a Very Few Travelling time . And It is the most Safest Means Of transport as Compare to other Transportation system.
Its disadvantages is it can’t carry huge amount Of Gooad. Probably…

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