success is the dream which we see from the childhood and want to make it reality  it is not just a dream but the emotion for the people who wants to do something in life and want to be the reason for their family in which everyone stays happy , for many people its just money but for most of the people it is not that they want make their only dream to be reality they also want happiness peace  respect and if anyone who can get all this for himself and for their family this is the success which everyone wants from their childhood .




it is so important because if you see a dream then you must work for it not like just think of your dream and sit everyday you have to stand and work hard for it and if you want everything in life then you should be successful for your family for your status for getting respect for making a name in your society in the world as well , but its very important because if anyone in his family is the only person who had a dream and want to make it reality then it will be very hard because there will so many tough phase in your life people give up on their dream just because it needs  consistency hard work and smart work as well but if its your dream then its your work to not give up on your dream and do not stop working hard consistency everyday .



it takes so much hard work  but if i am writing it takes so much hard work that means not like you are doing hard work only you must follow the rule of the successful people that only hard work is not going to give me what i want is success for that you should be hundred percent sure about your dream not like if you are getting through some failures then you decide that its not for me although you are working day and night what you have to do is keep faith in yourself and then you will be counted in the list of successful people but as i told you its not going to be easy and it will be not just do not give up on your dream .




yeah we need to be successful in todays life because if you want anything you must know how you can make it and that is all can happen only through being successful but if i am talking about successful people  you can not just think what happens in making a dream in reality is we have to stick to that plan means to our dream but most people can not do that when we see some failures then we say we can not make it it is not for us but we all know nobody has being a star from his first film their is a chance he can make it but most the time is he never give upon his dream so work hard if you are getting any failures it is okay keep faith in yourself because nobody knows what capable you are of so it is very easy that people will make joke of you and will say so may things but you know that they can only say cuz they cant make  it they can only talk behind your back so do not listen to them keep faith in yourself and that is how you will make it and after that you can make it anything now this world is yours to rule but always be kind to the other who helped you while you were struggling but do not look after those who mocked about you on your back .

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