science a Boon or A bean..?

science a Boon or A bean..?

Approximately everythings which are in existance have their some Advantages or Have their Some disadvantages…

Everythings Have Two Sides / Faces . Which Are totally Different from each other in Their Properties and Effects… Just Like a Coin. And its faces..


Today . Science Is not only limit in a part Of our Books and studies. AlThought it is more than that..

We cant expect our todays Generation life Without Science and its Application ..


Science is a study of All Universal Stuffs where we be learns and understand the laws of nature and its working principals. Which Applies On Everything which have their existance in this whole Universe.

Its Does’nt matter it is Visible or not visible ..

Science and its principal applies everywhere. At Everytime and on EveryThings

Science hepls Us a lot in Our Standard of living .

Science Is a necessary Stuff which is Essential For Us to Survive on this Planet..

Its A Type Of Boon or A good Wish that We got from God..


So Why Is Science Called A bean..?


Its Reason is Very Simple..

There is No Doubt That. Science Is a Boon For Humans

But also their is no doubt that Science is also a Bean For Humans .


Lets take an Example To UnderStand The Boon of science .

science Has helped Us In making Nuclear Bomb for Our Safety ,To raise our Power and To Keep Our Enemy Scared.

But In Other Side the Effect of A nuclear Bomb Burst is soo Devastating/ HarmFul for all The human Creatures On The Earth.

So By this We can Easily Understand that.. Here Science Is proved a A bean For Us .. because It is Dangerous For Ourselves..


Lets Take an another Examples…

Science And Its application are Used In manufacturing Weapons . Equipments .Arms and Etc..

We Used Is Things for our safety , To be Feel Safe.

But Now a days . Terrorists are using These arms . Weapons . And etc .. just To Raise their terror . And To scared People ..

Here Again Science is proved as Boon because it saves our lives . But In other Hand . It is Declared as a bean. Because Some people use these Technology: invention For their personal Use . And For their Mission . They Used To kill people .. by The same Invention..


All Most every Things That originates For science Or its Application . Have Declared a Bean and a boon for us.

Their is No doubt tha Science helps us a Lot in running our life easily . But at other side it has a Very Bad Effects .

A car is also Invents from Science and its technology .

Its reduces our time . By transporting Us from here to there. Fastly as compare to foot/ walking .

But It also have Many Effects On All The living creatures ..

Sometimes a Car is declared or Used as a weapon to Kill someone Easily or to harm anyone ..


So by this we can say that in real science is a bean and Boon both..

But it is depends upon How we Use .

And Understand Its Effect aftermaths….!

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