its just a word satisfaction nothing much but in this entire world people want this because if people  do anything we do it for the perfection and if you are not hundred percent sure about your work then it is very simple that you are not satisfied with your work . but working day and night and if you are not getting the satisfaction on what you are doing then you are not satisfied but you will be satisfied when you bust your ass and you know i have done the thing right then you will sleep peacefully and that is the the thing we are talking about which very tough in todays life to get .




in this case people gets frustrated because when we do anything we want results but sometimes in the aim of satisfaction people do want results in the less time which is very impossible and in that case you will not get what you want from whatever you do just give full time and your whole effort to your work and when the time will come of your work completion then you will start feeling the peace of your hard work for your work and that is why satisfaction is important for peace cuz if you give your whole effort your work you need to be hundred percent sure then you will feel what satisfaction is about .



if you do anything it can be anything what you want in the return you want the results but if you dont get is it okay for you that you worked hard for your dream your work and if you even cant sleep in peacefully then is it okay for you no it is not okay for anyone who bust his ass for his work that is why it is very important this is because if you will do the thing then it is  very much chances are that you can get promotion on your work whatever you do because doing something totally giving the time and when you get the results then there is so much chances that you will be awarded by anything it can be money satisfaction respect and etc



and that is why it is so very important then you should work hard for your work and never go for the results in a very less time it will make you lost from your peaceful mind you will be only  frustrated of the works load and that is why work and give your hundred percent and then you will always be with peace and that is all we need if we have peaceful mind then its the same satisfaction so work hard for your satisfaction .

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