1 what is patience

patience is the key to millionaire why i am saying this you will know it  right now it is because if you invest in stock market for longer term then you will get lots of money in return which will happen only because of your patience and if you have the patience you are just one way ahead for your success people don’t have patience they will never know how it feels to be a patience worthy people on this planet liking doing a work which we will get the results not right now but after few days maybe after few months and maybe after few years and so for that if you have patience you will know that i have to wait for it not just always keep on thinking about it so please keep patience in you .




look if i am going to write about it , that what role it plays ,  is that it is the the most key thing of getting success because in today’s life everyone want’s success in his first attempt in anything but there a few rare people who could only make it  but  its not like the one who gets success after so many attempts they are not rare they are also rare because they never gived up they always worked patiently for their success and that is how it plays a great role and the one who knows the value of patience they will only know that it is the rare key that keep faith in yourself and always work for it and make through your success and that’s how it plays the role .





yeah why not although he has failed but just in his one exam not in all the exams or for the next attempt which he can give on which he was preparing so if he will keep patience then i think he can make it from the next attempt because he was practicing so he will believe in yourself and can make his failure to a bright future and always remember if you are giving your hundred percent then you are already a successful person cuz you have done everything for your happiness very important is that you are enough to believe in yourself and that makes you the happiest and no more failure only success for you only one thing always keep faith in yourself dosen’t matter anyone keeps but you just be the correct and be honest through your struggle then only you are going to make failure in the success and happiness

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