so the first question is what is bitcoin so for that i would like to tell you its a cryptocurrency  and why everyone should invest is this is the future of money and i will tell you the reason of it . its because in future there will be no cash transaction will take place it will only be online and in every form of money there is always a way which people do not give taxes and make the government fool  and and slowly slowly cryptocurrency are taking the place of the cash and other form of money its the company which gives the people who will invest in the bitcoin a bright future then the other money  bitcoin is decentralized currency , without a central bank or a single administrator  which can be send peer to peer .



and now in several countries bitcoin is accepted as the money people buy products from it this company become trillionare company just in 12 yrs so just think what will happen if you will invest in this company right now you will be a millionare after just few years so many people thinks if this company might get bankrupt but as i told you its a company of 12 trillon dollars and it took only 12 years to reach that goal and the founder of the bitcoin had said that its the only cryptocurrency everyone should invest because  it will be the future of the currency and now also it is used in several countries like uk, usa, russia and so many more country is looking forwad to invest in this money cuz nobody can hack this money if you are doing online transaction its the only



safest company of cryptocurrency right now and everyone should invest in this for being rich because your investment will work for you while you sleep and in the day time as well there are lots of way you can invest money but this one is very safe because this company stocks will never get crashed because this company is at the top if you are beginner in stock market you should go for higher investment for higher return and otherwise you do not want to wait you will have to invest at least for a year and a half .


there is no any risk in this company cuz the stocks prices are getting higher day by day and if you are investigating about the company and if you are reading this please invest in this company as much as you can because you will be millionare and gets financial independent but you you do not have so much money and if you are scared that you will loose all your money you do not need tp think of it your money is in safe company you will be millionare for sure cuz this is the future of currency .

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