Many people have different opinion on what is a friend but its very simple answer would be  some one who will tell you about your bad things at your face and good thing at your back  for   me friendship has always played an important role in my life because my friendship is very different i was not very good at studies but i never gave up on it because of my friends they were always there for me and always supported and motivated me  its not like only they did all the thing i was the same kind of friend i never stopped making my friends feel bad but i wanted everyone who contributes in my success to be there and they are always there is very rare to be with all the people who matters to you its said that for achieving any goal in life you have to leave everything but i think friendship is not the thing to leave it should be your power not your weakness because they are like your family who is standing by you always supports you and never let you down and if you are down they will come for help and they will try to short out everything



If you will ask what role does a friend plays in a friends life is that they don’t cheat there friend  they are very protective they are like captains shield and they dont dont let their friends fall they always try to pull your leg because if you will take it in the positive way it will be that they dont want you to stay like this and wants you to do better every time its not like a negative thing if your friend pills your legs we know nothing lasts forever but true friendships last forever but its like same finding diamond in a coal farm if you have a true friend than it will worth it like having someone you love and admire the most and want to be with them all the time its like a bond which can not be broken and there are people who have such true heart friend who are ready to give their life for their friend .


because he dont want you to see suffer through all the pressure of the studies and of not giving up on anything in todays life people give up very easily because they dont want to give it a one more chance but thinks that it is not my cup of tea but in this case your people makes you believe that no you are completely wrong dont think like that you can make it and i am more sure than you because you cant give up and thses words will be said by your friends and they are your people who wants you to achieve success not failure but its important that you should have such people with you .

friendship is not a revision that you will have to do it its on you whether you are in or not decide it carefully .




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