Democracy In india

Democracy In india ..!

Firstly know About What is Democracy..?

Democracy Is Not A person or Stuff . It is more than that.

Democracy Is state that, the Rule In which The main Persons Are selected by specific People ..

Its means that . Democracy is define as


India Is a Democratic Country beacuse The Main representative of the Nation ( That is The Prime Minister, President . And ministers) is elected by the people of Nation (indian People).

Democracy is a Form Of Government.

And It said that It is The best Form of Government as compare To others Form.

That Is The Monarchy , Military Dictatorship And Etc.



Democracy Is said To The best Form beacuse in This form of government . EveryOne . Has thier Rights. And EveryOne Is Equal.

Democracy Sees EveryOne equally No matter How Much Richer You Are. And No matter How much poor You are…

It also Neither Discriminate Between genders . That Is the Male , Female . And the transgender..

And There are Also Many Reason . By Which Democracy Is refers as The Best Form of Government.

DemoCracy had Mainly Four Form Of Working Principles On Which The Pillars Of DemoCracy Withstand..

they Are. . Legislative, Executive , Judiciary and The Fourh One Is Media..

All The Forms have Their Own Duties and Works

. And They Don’t Tried To interfare In Each Others Matters ..


In todays World . More Than Half of The World’s Countries Are Adopted Democracy as a form Of their Government.

Some Examples Are- United States Of America , India , finland , norway . And Etc.

And LeftOver Countries are trying To implent Democracy as a Form of Government.

Some Of them Are .. China, Pakistan, UAE and etc.

Implementation of Democractic Government in a state or In country Is Not Easy..

it takes hundreds Years Of struggle To Gain Democracy.


In India Before The Its independance (1947) it is also A monarchy country because .. The Britishers Ruled Over Us . And Also Before them the Kings ruled over Us ..

Some Of them are . The Marathas, Mughals . And Etc..

India Has Also Suffered more Than hundreds+ years To implement Democracy..

But after 1947AD India is fully a Independent Democractic Country .


Democracy Gives EveryOne An equal Opportunity Without any Discriminatioj to Serve The nation By Getting elected.

In india Election Is Held In interval Of Every Five Years For The representatives.


DemoCracy has Also Some Disadvantages .

Mostly ,In Democratic Country The Process Of development Of Progress Is Soo Much Slower as Compare to Other Forms of Government.

Democratic Countries Has Also Slow In Implementation of New Rules And Regulation.

In Mostly DemoCractic Country Its Takes A long Time To get Justices To The Accused And Punishment To the Culprit.

This Happens Because In Democracy Everyone Has a right To Give Their Explanations And To take Their Time (Normally).


But Perhaps DemoCracy Is better Than Other Beacuse In democratic Governmnet or Nation The people Of that Nation Has’nt Suffer Lot as compare To the Struggle and Suffer Of Monarchy or Military Dictatorship Government.

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